What a 415 Scoring Bull Looks Like

I couldn’t resist showing off a pair of sheds off a bull that scored 415. Nope, I won’t tell you where we found these :).

When you get a hold of these sheds what you really notice is the mass. When I first picked them up, it literally felt identical to when you pickup a freshly killed medium-sized bull’s head/horns/cape and throw them on a mule. The difference is there isn’t 75lbs of flesh and skull attached. The horns are just that heavy.

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By Cliff Gray

Cliff is a registered outfitter in the State of Colorado, guiding and outfitting over 80 hunters a year for elk, bighorn sheep and mule deer in the White River National Forest and Flat Tops Wilderness Area of the Rocky Mountains. He has years of experience hunting mule deer and elk in the Rocky Mountains via remote backpacking and horse/mule packing. He is a private pilot and a certified wilderness first responder.

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