CO Spot and Stalk Black Bear

The September bear season is an easy to draw rifle tag. We provide guidance on acquiring the tag to all booked hunters. If you don’t apply before the deadline there is always leftover tags for purchase. Archery tags are over the counter. We have an abundant bear population that is accessible during September. On rifle hunts we average above 90% shot opportunity. Archery is around 60%. These hunts will take place at elevations between 8,500-11,500. This is a unique spot-and-stalk. Horseback riding, hiking or 4x4s will be used for transportation. These hunts are conducted from our high-end lodge.

This is typically a 1 guide to 1 hunter hunt. 3 meals a day and lodging. Pairs that would like to hunt together can opt for 2 hunters per guide at a reduced rate.

This is a 3 day hunt. Because this is a short hunt, hunters should consider that 2×1 guided hunters will have a lower success rate than 1×1 guided hunters.

If you are looking for a Spring black bear hunt, consider our hunt offerings in British Columbia. These hunts occur in the off-season from almost all other hunting.

Dates Full Service Guided 1×1 Full Service Guided 2×1
9/2-9/4, 9/6-9/8, 9/10-9/12, 9/14-9/16, 9/18-9/20, 9/22-9/24, 9/26-9/28 $3,200 per hunter $2,500 per hunter

*All hunts include skinning and quartering of the bear. We do offer a rug add-on service that includes the fleshing, turning, salting of hide, and completed rug. We charge $210 per foot and shipping. Most bears will run a total of $800-$1,400.
**We offer a euro skull add-on for $275 plus shipping.
***Non-resident bear licenses are $100 and are not included in the hunt price above.
****Hunts are over once a bear has been harvested. If tags are available, hunters can continue to hunt a 2nd bear for $1,200.

Flat Tops Black Bear Hunt
Flat Tops Black Bear Hunt
Unit 25 Bear
Unit 25 Bear


Please reference our resource page for gear lists, descriptions of hunt types, and payment details.


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