Colorado Hunt Types

Flat Tops Wilderness Guides offers several different hunting options in Colorado from drop camps all the way to deluxe guided hunts.

Quick Elk Camp Tour

Drop Camps

As the name suggests, we pack you in, drop you off, and then pack you back out. Drop camps include a large (16′ X 20′) wall tent, cots for sleeping, a wood stove for heating your tent, a propane stove for cooking, and an ax and bowsaw for cutting firewood. Each camp is located near running water. Hunters are responsible for their personal belongings, food, cooking, firewood cutting, and for field dressing and quartering of game. Packing out of harvested game is included.

These camps are great for do-it-yourself hunters that want to leverage an outfitter to pack all their gear in, pack game out and have a solid camp ready to hunt out of. These hunters don’t mind sacrificing a little hunting to do camp chores and cooking. No horses will be left in camp.

Drop camps do not include food. We do offer an additional food preparation and packing service. Check with us for current pricing.

Discounts available for non-hunters and children under 13.

Full Service Guided Hunts

All of the amenities of the drop camp, but with the addition of full-time guides and meals.

These hunts include pack-in/pack-out, all meals, water/drinks (excluding alcohol, but you are welcome to bring your own), quartering/caping game, and the pack-out/harvest of one game animal per hunter (additional pack-out charge for multiple animals harvested).

If the hunters are willing to ride/hike to cover ground or utilize spike camps, these are our most successful hunts. Horses are used for day hunting at the discretion of guides/outfitter.

Full Service Base Camp Hunts

Same as Full Service Guided Hunts, but the lodging is a 4 bedroom/2 bathroom bunk house at base camp. This hunt is only available in the late rifle seasons when the weather has pushed the game down. Once we get heavy and deep snow, elk routinely walk through our base camp. However, we will be utilizing horses to cover ground throughout the area.

A great style of hunt for someone that wants the comforts of home and a warm shower. To get the full value of this hunt, you must be willing to ride horses 2-3 hours a day. Privacy of lodging allows for individual and group bookings.

Full Service Lodge Hunts

If you are looking for upscale housing for a corporate group or want to stay in a world class lodge while you hunt, inquire about upgrading your full service hunt to our log lodge. The lodge is 3,500 sq. ft. with top of the line finishes and 100% whole log construction. A 1,500 sq. ft. great room with full sized bar.

Where the road ends, adventure begins...

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