30 Mile Pack Trip to Put In Our Remote Summer Camp

The FTWG crew was busy this weekend putting our remote summer camp into the Flat Tops Wilderness Area. The camp is a good 15 mile, roughly 5 hour, ride into the wilderness. We had a lot of work to do, but we did get a few moments to look around and enjoy the camp. It is spectacular in that high country this time of year. The camp sits at the headwaters of the South Fork of the White River. From the camp there is access to world-class fly fishing in the river and over 25 lakes within a short ride from camp. The area holds a ton of wildlife during this time of year due to its elevation of almost 12,000ft.

Shingle Peak Flat Tops Wilderness

A couple videos on the way in via IPhone. We have invested in a HD GoPro for future videos to improve quality:

Because we are in a designated wilderness we have to do everything how it was traditionally done. No chain saws or other modern power tools are allowed in the area.

Some pictures of the team that made the trip:

A quick video of the pack string leaving camp:

For more pictures of the adventure check out our Facebook Page:

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By Cliff Gray

Cliff is a registered outfitter in the State of Colorado, guiding and outfitting over 80 hunters a year for elk, bighorns and mule deer in the White River National Forest and Flat Tops Wilderness Area of the Rocky Mountains. He has years of experience hunting mule deer and elk in the Rocky Mountains via remote backpacking and horse/mule packing. He is a private pilot and a certified wilderness first responder.

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