Colorado Mountain Lion Hunts

The Colorado Mountain Lion is a wildlife success story. Anyone trying to depict it as anything else is naive. In our areas, lions are flourishing. We interact with lions ten-fold the amount we did 20 years ago. Hunting has been the primary management tool and funding source to this success story.

The mountain lion is a cunning animal and, regardless of how people view it, hound hunting is one of the few ways we humans can interact with these beautiful animals. Almost all biological research and even photography of lions, utilizes hounds. The other bonus of using hounds is it allows the hunter the ability to release female cats without harm. Almost all of our hunters are focused on harvesting mature Toms, male cats.

We process and eat all the lion harvested. I’ve eaten almost every game animal on this continent… lion is hands-down my favorite.

I believe that every hunter, and even non-hunter, should experience this trip. It is the most unique adventure available in North America.


Guiding is done on a 1×1 basis. 5 Day Hunt. Lodge housing and meals.

$5,500 to $8,500 per hunter. Pricing dependent on dates, dry land vs snow, and success rate of area.
*Please note these hunts are done through partnering outfitters and their permits. These outfitters are hounds-men that hold permits across many units, maximizing opportunity.

Please reference our resource page for gear lists, descriptions of hunt types, and payment details.

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