Colorado Lodge Mule Deer Hunts

Montrose Hunts

These hunts are operated in Unit 65 outside of Montrose, Colorado. In 2018, we have four hunts during the 3rd rifle season. Hunters will have multiple opportunities to harvest a deer during their hunt and the goal is to harvest 170″+ bucks. Accommodations are a comfortable lodge. All hunting is done on leased private land.

Getting tags:
Non-residents and residents have a good opportunity at drawing a tag in the state draw. However, if the hunter does not draw we have land owner vouchers for purchase at $1,000 per hunter.

$7,500 per hunter for 2×1 guided
$1,000 Elk Trophy Fee – The opportunity for 300″-class bulls is above 50% during an average year

Flat Tops Hunts

This hunt is available 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Rifle Seasons. The primary focus of these hunts will be mature mule deer in the 160″+ class. We have taken many deer in the 170-180″ class and even well over 200″. A mix of private land, forest service and wilderness area will be hunted via vehicle, hiking, and horseback riding. Lodging and meals are provided in our high-end lodge. A small wilderness spike camp will be available also. Elk can be taken on a trophy fee basis.

Getting tags:
2nd season – easy to draw for both residents and non-residents
3rd season – easy draw for residents, non-residents should expect to draw when they have 1-2 preference points
4th season – 2-3 points for residents, non-residents should expect to draw with 4-7 points.

Cliff and other guides involved in the hunt will have scouted 4-5 days prior to the hunt. 5 Day Hunt.

$6,000 per hunter for 1×1 guided, $4,500 per hunter for 2×1 guided
$1,000 Elk Trophy Fee

Please reference our resource page for gear lists, descriptions of hunt/service types, and payment details.

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